Safe and Healthy Diet Tips from Kim Kadarshian


Safe and Healthy DietKim Kadarshian diet seems to work very well in making her back in shape after her baby was born. It may be a good idea to be in this diet if you want to be slimmer.

There are various types of diet that you can try to help you get in shape. However, you must make sure first that the diet you choose is safe and healthy.

Losing weight safely and in a healthy way will likely give you a more long lasting result than being on a diet which enables you to lose weight faster. (or try pro ana tips )

Losing weight too fast usually will make you gain weight your weight back faster than you think. Is Kim’s diet healthy and safe? Let’s find out.

Kim Kadarshian’s diet plan

Based on what Kim said to Harpers Bazaar last April, she changes her diet every ten days. Kim and Kanye have a personal chef and a nutritionist to help them plan their diet.

To stay in shape, Kim does not eat too much carbohydrate and calories. Her low calorie diet plan mostly contain of protein loaded foods and dietary fiber. Aside from the diet plan, she also exercises regularly.

For breakfast, Kim usually eats scrambled egg or oatmeal. Sometimes she only drink protein shake with fruit for breakfast. She usually eats her breakfast in a rush before her baby is up.

For lunch, she usually has fish and vegetables or chicken and vegetables. Kim didn’t say whether she has snack between breakfast and lunch. In the afternoon, sometimes she has some snack.

When she wants to have some snacks, she will eat Justin’s peanut butter packs. She has it plain. For dinner, she usually also has chicken or fish with vegetables. That’s Kim Kadarshian diet meal plan.

Kim said that she is trying to be natural and healthy. Therefore, she drinks more water. Actually, she really loves extra sweet iced tea. She used to have it every day with 10 Equals.

But now, she only drinks it once a week with 3 Equals. She does not drink any cocktail and only drink coffee about once a month. In her diet plan, Kim is allowed to have dessert occasionally. She said that her favorite dessert is Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche and she has it occasionally when her nutritionist allows it.

Kim Kadarshian’s workout plan

To keep her body stay in shape, Kim runs for about thirty minutes every morning. She usually runs at about 6.00 a.m. After her morning run, she has some workouts at her home gym. She spends more than an hour on her workouts.

Is Kim’s diet healthy?

Being on a Kim diet is healthy and safe. It gives you the nutrition your body need in a day, i.e. protein, fiber, carbohydrate, healthy fat, and minerals. According to some nutritionist, eating a lot of protein will help you feel full longer. Therefore, you will be able to fight your carving for snacks between meals. Experts also said that replacing sweet drinks with water will be very effective in helping you to lose weight.

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