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If you’re looking for smoking accessories, then TokePlanet is the right place to shop. This online head shop knows what customers want and offers the highest level of customer support. You’ll find the highest quality smoking gadgets and reasonable prices from a team of experts. The site offers a large selection of bongs tokeplanetpipes, and vaporizers.

what you should know about glas bongs ?

Water bongs are a popular choice among tokers and stoners. These water pipes are typically made of high-quality, durable materials, like borosilicate glass. They filter smoke to produce a smooth, cool hit. Some models come with percolators to further increase diffusion and cool the smoke.

The most basic type of bong is the straight tube. It consists of a long, straight glass tube with an angled hole for the downstem. It is topped with a removable bowl piece and filters smoke upwards. Some straight tube bongs are also equipped with an ice catcher. These ice cubes are placed in an indentation midway up the tube, so that smoke rises from the ice.

There are two major types of bongs: glass and plastic. Glass bongs are the most popular, as they preserve the purity of the smoke. They are easily cleaned, easy to transport, and can be blown into many shapes. Wood bongs are also inexpensive, but they are more difficult to clean.