Blue Divine Chemical Peels

Blue Divine chemical peels

Blue Divine chemical peels peels are effective and safe treatments that improve the texture, tone and clarity of your skin. These treatments help remove dead cells from your face and can be used on other areas, including your neck, chest and hands. They also improve your skin’s blotchiness, large pores, and uneven skin tone.

Before choosing to undergo a chemical peel, make sure you know how to avoid any complications. You should not undergo a chemical peel if you have any kind of allergy or irritated skin.

During the treatment, the clinician will gently cleanse and prep your skin before applying the chemical peel. A neutralizer will be applied after the peel.

Chemical peels work to increase cell turnover, which means more new skin cells are added to the surface of your skin. This results in a smoother, brighter, and younger-looking complexion.

The treatment is very fast and painless. Your appointment will only take about thirty minutes. Once the peel is completed, your clinician will give you instructions for how to remove the peel at home.

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If you want to improve your skin’s tone and radiance, a REN radiance peel may be right for you. It contains lactic acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid. Designed for sensitive skin, this peel works to reduce discoloration, fill in fine lines, and moisturize your skin.

When you have a chemical peel, you will experience mild skin irritation. You should not pick or rub your skin after the procedure. You should continue to apply facial moisturizer throughout the day.