The Importance of AISC Certification for Structural Steel Fabrication

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) is a trade association that is focused on providing the highest quality structural steel fabrication to the construction industry. This organization is one of the leading technical institutes in the industry. It is committed to creating quality standards and educational resources for the industry.

What is the difference between a fabricator and a manufacturer?

AISC structural steel fabrication Programs are designed to ensure that companies that perform structural steel fabrication use the most reliable materials, methods, and processes. These programs also help firms to eliminate errors from the start of a project.

In order to be certified, a company must undergo a thorough initial evaluation. This includes an on-site audit of their quality management system. Once approved, the company is subject to ongoing audits to ensure compliance.

AISC certification is important to businesses because it demonstrates that they are committed to safety and maintaining the highest quality. Fabricators that are not certified risk losing time and money because of errors.

A certified fabricator uses the latest technology and techniques to provide clients with streamlined project productivity and the assurance of superior quality. Additionally, fabricators with AISC certification have a higher level of ongoing training and education.

As part of the AISC Certification Program, a company must have a written safety plan that is incorporated into their work practices. The plan must meet all local, state, and federal regulations. Employees must also have appropriate training.

In addition, new hires must undergo safety training. Moreover, the firm must demonstrate that they are committed to providing a safe workplace environment.