Bariatric Iron Supplements

bariatric iron supplements

Iron bariatric iron supplements are needed for bariatric patients who may develop iron deficiency because of their new diet after the procedure. Low iron levels are often exacerbated due to the fact that there is less stomach acid and the body will not be able to absorb iron effectively.

There are several types of iron salts available for supplementation. The most commonly recommended is ferrous sulfate which contains 20% elemental iron. You will need to multiply the typical dosage on the label by this percentage associated with the salt to determine how much iron your body can actually absorb.

Also, consider using a supplemental iron preparation that contains vitamin C as it is well known to increase absorption of both heme and non-heme iron. This will further improve your chances of getting the iron you need for your recovery.

Why Bariatric Surgery Patients Need Iron Supplements

Another good option is an oral supplement that has carbonyl iron (Ferretts IPS). This type of iron has no additives and is gentle on the system.

Lastly, consider chewable tablets that contain carbonyl iron (Ferretts Chewable). These are very pleasant to taste and can be taken by people with trouble swallowing pills.

Regardless of your choice, make sure you follow the instructions from your bariatric surgeon for iron supplementation after surgery. They know your individual blood work and will be able to recommend the right amount of iron that you need to have for your recovery.