Top 5 Distilleries in Metro Detroit

metro Detroit distillery

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, Michigan speakeasy is known for its craft beers and wines. But there are also some stellar distilleries churning out fantastic spirits in metro Detroit, including vodka, gin and whiskey.

Two James is the first licensed distillery in Detroit since Prohibition and the founders are dedicated to creating artisanal spirits that reflect the historic, creative and entrepreneurial spirit of their city. Located in Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, the distillery is committed to producing only the highest quality environmentally conscious handmade spirits utilizing locally sourced agricultural products with the aim of revitalizing the community and reinforcing the craft product movement.

Long Road Bourbon crafted from local grain satisfies thirsts with bright flavors and makes for great cocktails like a Manhattan or Mint Julep. It’s found in liquor stores and restaurants across the country, as well as at the distillery in Ferndale.

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Grand Traverse is a distillery that began in 2007 and handcrafts vodka, gin, rum and whiskey one batch at a time. Their young bourbon carries bright flavors and is great neat or in classic cocktails, like a Sazerac.

Weiss’ Old World hospitality, proud immigrant work ethic and commitment to doing business with integrity remain at the forefront of their culture. A family-owned distillery in Clawson, Weiss produces a range of spirits including vodkas, aquavit and gins.

Valentine’s Vodka is a unique vodka made in Michigan. Founded by Rifino Valentine, it is one of the first craft distilleries in the nation and is focused on eco-friendly distilling with a goal of reducing and recapturing water used to produce alcohol.


Weiss Distilling Co.
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