Weed For Sale in New York

Across New York City, brazen pot dealers hock everything from pre-rolls to gummies on folding tables in parks, off gaudy trucks on major streets, and in storefronts painted purple, green, and gray. These illicit purveyors have impressed upon a confused public that they’re operating above board by taking advantage of perceived loopholes in the law, while cops, for the most part, have looked the other way.

Why is it called weed?

It’s a problem that echoes what has happened in other states where legalization was adopted. Illicit markets remained vibrant in California and Colorado, long after their state governments passed pro-marijuana legislation.

Many people still prefer to buy their Vaporizer Bud from vendors, even as New York officials say they’re trying to tames the Wild West-like sales landscape. Licensed dispensaries, on the other hand, have to track their merchandise from seed to shelf.

Licensed dispensaries must also test their products for safety and accuracy in terms of potency. They’re also required to sell only to customers 21 and older.

A New York resident must show a government-issued ID to enter a dispensary and to pay for their purchases. The company checks the ID twice – once at the front door and again at the cash register – so that it can ensure the buyer is of legal age.

While New York residents have embraced legal weed, they’ve also been outraged by the growing number of illegal shops. This has prompted a crackdown by authorities, with around 400 shops mailed cease-and-desist letters and more than 500 civil and criminal summonses being issued to those selling unregulated marijuana.