What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure Washing is a fast way to clean decks, driveways, cars and other exterior surfaces that accumulated dirt and grime. A gas or electric engine powers a pump, which focuses the water jet at high speeds through a nozzle. It blasts away accumulated grime in a fraction of the time it takes to scrub with a brush or rinse off with a hose. The washers come with multiple nozzle options that help remove specific stains, as well as adjustment dials that restrict or loosen the pressure. Experts advise testing the water jet on an inconspicuous part of the surface before proceeding.

What is the best cleaning solution for pressure washer?

Many professionals who operate these machines have advanced training and hold business licenses and insurance to protect themselves, homeowners and other users from damage and liability claims. They follow all safety guidelines and know how to adjust the nozzle pressure to the specific cleaning needs of the surface. They understand that spraying at a close range near the nozzle can strip paint, break glass windows and rip off roofing shingles.

Homeowners can also rent these machines, which come in light-duty electric models that run off the power supply at your home and heavy-duty gas engines for larger jobs. There are also portable cordless units that can be used without the hassle of dragging a gas canister and electrical cords. Both types usually have an adjustable nozzle that lets the user choose the angle of the jet. Some nozzles are color-coded and can be swapped out for different angles, while others are adjustable with the twist of a knob.

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