Argon Leak Detector

argon leak detector

The argon leak detector is used in a variety of industrial settings where argon gas is used. Typically, argon gas is used as a shielding gas for welding processes such as Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) or Metal Inert Gas (MIG). These welding applications require an inert atmosphere to prevent oxidation of the weld area and ensure the quality of the finished product. Argon is also used in some research laboratories as a carrier gas for chromatography, among other applications. It is readily available and affordable compared to other trace gases, making it an attractive choice for industrial safety uses.

Regardless of the application, an argon leak detector is essential for ensuring that the argon supply system in the facility is functioning properly. Leaks in the argon gas supply can quickly displace oxygen in confined spaces, leading to a lack of breathable air, which poses a health risk for employees working in the facility and can damage or even ruin equipment. An argon gas leak detection device is used in the same way as any other gas detection instrument.

Argon Leak Detection: A Key Component of Gas Safety Measures

The argon leak detector is available in handheld or portable forms, making it easy to move around the facility. It has a digital display that displays argon concentration readings in real time and allows the user to choose leak rates displayed in cc/sec, ppm, or ft3/yr. It can be calibrated to four different gas groups and includes auto zero and a peak hold function that retains the largest leak rate detected during operation. It can also be bump-tested to confirm calibration accuracy.