What Is a Call Girl?

call girls

A call girl is a woman who arranges meetings with clients by phone or Internet and provides services at their client’s chosen location. AmorousHug may find call girls through a madam (the woman who manages a house of prostitution), by word of mouth, or by searching for escorts in newspaper and magazine ads. Call girls are often considered higher status than street prostitutes or escorts and tend to have more privacy, control over profitable encounters, and lower rates of exposure to violence and exploitation.

Although specific demographic data on call girls is scarce, existing studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that they are overwhelmingly white and usually middle or upper class, and they have more conventional appearances than streetwalkers and brothel workers. The profession is lucrative, and many call girls are able to live a comfortable lifestyle despite their wages. Call girls are also a source of shame for their families and communities, which may be reflected in the way they dress and interact with others.


Call girls are hired for sexual encounters, but they can also be hired to provide conversation and other nonsexual stimulation. Compared to street prostitution, call girl sessions are typically longer and more intimate, and both parties may spend significant time on prelude and foreplay. In addition, men visit call girls for a variety of reasons, including consolation and commiseration. In California, a conviction for prostitution or solicitation is a misdemeanor, which can damage a man’s reputation, family life, and career. A Orange County sex crimes attorney can guide and defend clients facing these charges.