Instagram Spam Comment Solution – How to Manage and Report Instagram Spam Bots

The comment section of your Instagram posts is a place where people offer their views on the posted content or your brand. The cleaner this space is, the more participation it invites. However, if your comments are cluttered with spam bots that use profanity, adult content and fishy links that redirect to fraudulent sites, you risk losing genuine followers. This link

In addition to this, the presence of these bots also damages your brand reputation and reduces engagement on your post. It can even lead to a complete account suspension. This is why you need to understand how to manage Instagram spam comments, report them and use tools that provide a better solution.

Instagram Spam Comment Solution

Using Instagram’s in-built settings, you can create a comment filter that hides offensive or spammy comments from others. To do this, add a list of keywords that will trigger the filter and hide comments that contain them. The list can include words that are commonly used in spam comments along with emojis. This will save you time from manually deleting or hiding offensive comments.

You can also block the accounts that are responsible for a majority of the Instagram spam comments. You can do this by visiting the profile of the account and clicking on the three dots. This will open the settings menu. From here, you can select “Block account” or choose the option “Report spammer”. Instagram will then investigate and report the account to its administrator.