Is Snyk Free For Developers?

snyk is free for developers (and always will be).

Snyk’s free mission is to make secure development the norm, not the exception. That means freeing security teams from being the bottleneck, and empowering developers to tackle everyday secure coding. This Business Trial gives you full access to the Snyk platform, so you can scan your whole organization’s projects for vulnerabilities as they are checked in to your source control repository. Snyk will then automatically scan every pull request and build in your CI/CD pipeline, so you can reduce risk exposure with increased transparency and faster fix times.

The Snyk platform is a developer-first cloud-native security tool that tests for vulnerabilities in code, open source dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. Its industry-leading vulnerability intelligence provides context, prioritization, and remediation. Snyk integrates directly into IDEs, repositories, and CI/CD workflows so security expertise is right where you need it.

Protect Your Projects for Free: Exploring Snyk’s Generous Free Tier

Snyk is the only software vulnerability scanner that uses Black Duck’s deepCode AI, a combination of symbolic and generative AI with several other ML methods to ensure accuracy without hallucinations. This unique approach enables Snyk to find more issues, and to explain them in a way that is understandable to developers. Its intuitive UI and workflows allow it to be used easily by everyone, with no need for extensive training. It also supports many languages, and can be integrated into your IDE or CI/CD via integrations, the Snyk CLI, or a wide range of third-party plugins.