Outdoor Equipment For Schools

Playing outside helps children experience nature through all five senses and cultivates peace, happiness and an intrinsic appreciation of the natural world. Outdoor play also helps children build their social and organizational skills, such as sharing and taking turns while playing games with their friends.

School playground equipment promotes physical fitness and cognitive development, especially in the case of low-income students. Whether it’s a simple playground structure, a wooded area or a more structured dramatic space, these outdoor learning spaces are critical for ensuring the health of kids and improving their ability to focus in the classroom.

Enhancing Learning Through Play: Outdoor Equipment for Schools

When choosing outdoor equipment for schools, be sure to consider the unique needs of your student body and site. For example, if your school is located near a busy road or another public space, be sure to avoid loud playground equipment like musical instruments. The size of your playground site is another important factor. It’s often more cost-effective to build into the terrain rather than level a sloping or uneven plot.

School playground equipment should be fun and engaging for kids to inspire creativity and curiosity. Look for playground equipment that encourages cooperation, such as structures that require more than one user to operate, such as a Maypole or Revolution Inclusive Spinner. Or, try a dual-use structure like the ZoomTwist or Burmese Bridge Climber that can be used by students of all ages and abilities. Incorporate other interactive elements like a GaGa Pit, pedal path or trike track to appeal to all types of learners.