How to Choose a Verify Email Tool

Email verification removes invalid and inactive email addresses from your list, improving the quality of your marketing emails, lowering bounce rates, increasing delivery and boosting your sender reputation. A good email validation tool will check for things like syntax errors, spam traps and disposable addresses to prevent your valuable newsletters from being marked as spam and ultimately not reaching your recipients.

There are a number of options for email validation, and you should consider your needs when selecting the best solution for you. For example, you may need a batch email verifier for large lists or a real-time API that validates addresses as they are submitted via your website’s forms. Then, there’s the issue of data security and compliance with GDPR – be sure that any service you choose doesn’t retain or share your subscribers’ email addresses.

Boosting Security: Utilizing a Verify Email Tool

Aside from the core functionality of checking for email address validity, many services offer additional features that help you improve your overall email process and workflow. These can include the ability to check an email address for domain legitimacy, confirm whether an email is a typo or out of use, and even detect when an email has been spoofed by bots.

When choosing a verified email tool, you should make a list of your non-negotiables, so you can identify the perfect solution for your business needs. Some of the most important factors in making your decision should be the number of verifications you can run per day, pricing models and the ability to integrate your verified lists with your email marketing tools or CRM system.