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The History of Israel

History of Israel

The early history of the state of Israel is characterized by a series of events that are not centered on a single person. A king may be known by many different names, but the name of his nation is a common characteristic. The king of Israel is usually referred to as Israel the People, and the country’s name is an acronym for the Hebrew word yisrael. In ancient times, the people of Israel were known as Jews and their ancestors were known as Israelites.

The history of Israel is a story of persecution, struggle, and survival. Since the days of the Hebrews in Genesis, the Jews have lived in constant fear of extermination. However, despite these threats, their faith in God has been strong and their nation-state is now a top-ranked nation in the world.

The founding of the state of Israel was a milestone in the history of the nation. The Balfour Declaration, which recognized the Jewish state as a national home, was endorsed by the League of Nations in 1922. However, many Arabs opposed this move, and tensions between the Jewish people and Arab Muslims have been a persistent feature of the history of Israel.

The Israelites initially approached the land of Canaan from the SE. This allowed them to settle in areas east of the Jordan. They did not, however, attack the Edomites and Moabites. However, they did defeat the Amorite king, Sihon, at Jahaz near Medeba. As a result, the Israelites occupied land between the Arnon and Jabbok Rivers.


Israel Politics

Israel politics

Israel’s government is run by a prime minister who is elected by the Knesset. Generally, prime ministers serve for four years. However, prime ministers’ terms can be shortened if a vote of no confidence is taken in the Knesset. If this happens, the Knesset will name a replacement candidate. The replacement candidate will then have the opportunity to form his or her own government.

Political power in Israel has traditionally been held by Jewish men, with Ashkenazim enjoying particular advantages. However, Mizrahim have gained representation in recent decades. Women are allowed to hold political office, but they are underrepresented in key leadership positions. Moreover, many conservative communities remain hostile to women. For example, Shas and United Torah Judaism both excluded women from their candidate lists in the 2020 elections. Despite this, Ra’am was elected as the first female Knesset member in Israeli history.

The Knesset is Israel’s unicameral parliament. Its role is to enact laws and oversee government work. Its members have the power to remove the President of the State Comptroller. Members of Knesset are elected in general elections once every four years. So far, twelve Knessets have served full four-year terms. However, the fourth Knesset, which was especially short-lived, lasted only a year and nine months. Historically, Israeli governments have been made up of coalitions of multiple political parties.

The current government in Israel is at a crossroads. The government is divided and the prime minister must find a way to resolve the crisis. Netanyahu will likely face a new election and will likely be forced to dissolve the Knesset.


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