How to Choose a Big Picture Canvas For Your Home

big picture canvas

The big picture canvas is a fun and engaging team building event, designed to help improve communication and focus on key organisational values in a fun and dynamic art-themed environment. Inspired by group painting classes, teams work together to paint a giant composite canvas artwork which is required to accurately recreate a professionally pre-prepared graphic illustration designed to articulate the selected message or theme of the event.

When choosing a large canvas size for your home, it’s best to start by measuring the height and width of your wall. Using a tape measure, subtract the halfway point from both numbers and this will be your ideal height for your print. It’s also important to keep in mind that you will want the bottom of your photo canvas to be no closer than 8 inches (20 cm) to furniture like a sofa, table or chair.

Bigger Picture, Bolder Impact: Elevating Spaces with Big Picture Canvas Art

Once your canvas is printed, it’s time to put it up! If you are planning to hang it up on a wall, it’s recommended to use a sawtooth bracket for added stability. You can find these at most hardware stores, and some even have special wall protector pads that can be placed on the back of your canvas to prevent scratches and other damage.

Teams begin by visiting an “Art Shop” where they are issued brushes, paints and a chart outlining their canvas(es). With their materials at hand, they are challenged with replicating their designated section of the original ‘big picture’ on their canvas and collaborating with other teams to ensure that their artwork will fit and flow seamlessly with the other canvas sections which will ultimately form a bigger composite artwork. When completed, each team gets to see their final masterpiece for the first time and this is always a great moment for jubilation!